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Have you spent long searching online for Paediatric training courses in Doncaster? Look no further! This is a free, quick, and simple process of searching for Paediatric courses provided by MyFirstAidCourses. Just fill in 5 quick fields on this form, we've already started it off for you. All our Paediatric course providers wil then receive your request and respond directly to you. This paediatric first aid course can meet the requirements of the Early Years foundation stage statutory framework. The course is aimed primarily at professionals such as teachers, play group leaders and au pairs who are working with younger people up to 8 years old on a regular basis. It can also meet the Ofsted requirements for child minders and nannies and can be used as evidence for people working towards certain NVQs. The course covers the content of first aid kits, incident and casualty management, and all the first aid techniques you'd expect to deal with common injuries such as bleeding, head injuries, asthma, as well as dealing with conscious and unconscious casualties and CPR/resuscitation.

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